Larry David Meditates on Happiness…

6 Nov

Happiness is no mystery to master comedian Larry David.

Larry David Finds Happiness In Comedy…


In this short video clip, Larry analyzes the causes of happiness…

Larry observes that religious people tend to be happier than their non-religious or atheist/agnostic counterparts.

He thinks that it is because they have the concept of heaven/the afterlife to look forward to.

{This belief in an afterlife reduces or eliminates the fear of death and existential angst. He notes that this is a huge advantage over the non-religious}.

Larry thinks that it is not possible to be happy if you don’t have job satisfaction, sexual satisfaction or a decent level of financial success.

Do you agree or disagree with him?

What about rich people who are unhappy or poor people who are happy?  

Can poor people be happy?

What about mental illness?

How does that factor into the equation?


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Larry David…


Peace & Namaste…

2 Responses to “Larry David Meditates on Happiness…”

  1. Slayer Muser November 18, 2013 at 12:22 AM #

    Great Larry David clip. Is Larry spiritually minded, or is he speaking objectively?

    Turning to your questions:

    1. Yes and no.

    Yes, because what Larry lists will make a vast majority happy. In the post-religion segment about work, sex and money, one senses that Larry is speaking from personal experience. These things would, and do, make him happy. (Of course Larry’s generalisations need to be taken with a pinch of salt. He’s a comedian doing what he does best.)

    No, because a satisfying job, lots of sex and financial comfort mean nothing to others. A monk has no sex (apparently) and no financial comfort, but his job satisfaction might be unsurpassable; he might be the happiest man in the world. I don’t know. I’ve never been a monk, and I have no foreseeable plans to become one.

    It’s all down to the individual.

    2. Good question!

    3. Definitely. In fact, I suggest they are more likely to attain happiness.

    4. What about it?

    5. I don’t know. How does it?

    • MYSOULSONICE... November 18, 2013 at 3:53 PM #

      Slayer Muser…
      Great response as always.

      1. Larry is not religious or spiritually minded {that I know of}.
      He shuns religion overall.

      I don’t know if he could be categorized as an atheist like Ricky Gervais.
      Perhaps his view on religion is much like Marilyn Manson’s.

      He does not seem to be concerned with being controversial at all.

      Larry’s critique of religion can be seen a lot on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

      Hopefully you will watch Curb Your Enthusiasm one day!
      I think you will love it.

      Regarding your responses…
      1. Larry’s prerequisites for happiness seem to be universal.
      {I agree that his generalizations need to be taken with a grain of salt}.

      Job satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and financial comfort have probably made Larry happy but for how long?
      Doesn’t human nature pulls us up towards greater heights?
      In other words, don’t we want more once we have more?

      Regarding your no response…
      It is very difficult to attain happiness without job satisfaction, sexual satisfaction and financial comfort; however it is not impossible.
      Your example of the monk was most poignant because a monk hopefully has spiritual satisfaction.
      Perhaps that spiritual enlightenment or satisfaction fills him up inside so he does not need or crave anything.
      His spiritual enlightenment allows him to transcend these ambitions and desires.

      I say to each their own because the definition of happiness varies from individual to individual.
      There is no universal definition of happiness or satisfaction.

      2. My thinking is that if there are rich unhappy people then there must be some happy poor people.
      {Perhaps it is this spiritual happiness that I mentioned before}.

      3. Why do you feel that poor people are more likely to attain happiness?
      Is it because they are not dragged down by ambition, materialism, greed and competition?

      4. I apologize that I did not phrase the question properly.
      I meant to say, how does mental illness factor into the happiness and satisfaction equation?
      Mental illness is irrespective of economic income, age, gender, race, etc.
      I think mental illness is a key factor in either happiness or unhappiness.

      What do you think?

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