Gabriel Byrne Recites Poetry by William Butler Yeats…

2 Nov

I love poetry in all forms whether it be written or spoken {e.g. poetry recitals/readings, poetry slams, etc}. 

Poetry speaks to my soul.

Does it speak to yours?

Which poetry speaks to your soul?

Which poets resonate with you?

{Many poets resonate with me but my favourite poet is Rumi}.


Gabriel Byrne has the perfect voice.

Gabriel Byrne is a Lover of Poetry, Literature and The Arts…

He has actually narrated quite a few audiobooks.


Here is a short video clip of him reciting poetry by William Butler Yeats.


For more information…

Gabriel Byrne…

William Butler Yeats..


{More poetry recitals/readings to come in future posts}.

Peace & Namaste…

8 Responses to “Gabriel Byrne Recites Poetry by William Butler Yeats…”

  1. Jas Baku November 10, 2013 at 8:58 AM #

    Gabriel has the most expressive eyes and voice. He can say so much without words, but this poetry reading is so lovely.

    • MYSOULSONICE November 11, 2013 at 8:56 AM #

      Jas Baku…
      I agree.
      Gabriel’s eyes and voice are so utterly soulful.
      His poetry reading is very lovely and soothing.
      I wish he would have done more.
      If I find more, you know that I will post them ;).

      I really respect and admire Gabriel and his work.
      He is an excellent human being- so compassionate, kind and wise.

      I think you mentioned before that you are also a fan of his?
      I like to call myself an admirer since fan means fanatic but it is just semantics ;).

      Have you watched In Treatment?

      It is a brilliant show and the most intimate I have ever seen.
      Watching In Treatment is like being a witness to someone’s psychotherapy session.

      I am so gutted that it was cancelled only after three seasons.
      {I will never get over that}.
      How can In Treatment be cancelled when so much garbage gets to stay on television?

      In Treatment is also so unique because it revolves around the art of listening.

      I was working on a post about it but I got stuck on it.
      Perhaps I will be able to work on it, finish it and post it sometime.

      Peace & Namaste…

      • Shanti Baku November 13, 2013 at 9:07 AM #

        Yes, soulful is right; windows to his soul indeed. You’ve mentioned ‘In Treatment’ before but no, I’ve not seen it yet. One to Google.
        I’m guessing you answered your question in the paragraph right before it. I think the garbage on TV makes the numbed masses feel safe; there’s nothing too unpredictable there. And listening seems to be a dying art, I’m afraid to say. Most are too busy talking to hear anything else. So important to be able to take a step back from all that, isn’t it.

        • MYSOULSONICE November 15, 2013 at 12:50 PM #

          Shanti Baku…
          I find Gabriel so utterly soulful- as you probably already know ;).
          This “soulfulness”/spirit radiates out of him in the most wise, compassionate and natural way.

          In Treatment is a very fascinating show that has volumes to tell us about the human condition.
          {I hope to do a blog post on it in the future}.

          I most definitely agree with you in that television does make the numbed masses safe.

          {However there are some good television shows out there.
          I don’t watch t.v. anymore but I do watch a few television shows on dvd or the internet}.
          Television also brainwashes people into believing lies and hidden ideologies.
          {It also nurtures “group think” and conformity}.
          Advertising is another method of brain washing because it tries to trick us into believing that we are not enough.
          Denial of death is yet another vulnerable spot that advertisers target with their whole anti-aging scams.
          {The diet industry and the beauty industry is another topic to discuss}.
          I feel that advertising tries to tap into our fears and insecurities while conveniently offering materialistic solutions.

          Listening is a dying art and I find this heart breaking.
          It is vital to take some time to really listen to others.
          We can learn so much if we would just open our minds- and hearts- and just listen.

          Our culture seems to be so narcissistic these days that it does allow room for that.
          {Besides listening takes some effort and most people don’t want to put in any effort- they just want to be listened to}.
          We each have to make room for active listening in our individual lives.

          *I hope to work on the art of listening post but I just got so overwhelmed by it because it is a vast topic.
          Has that happened to you before?

          • Shanti Baku January 5, 2014 at 10:32 AM #

            I’m the same with TV, for much the same reasons. I hate that it tends to channel peoples’ thinking into a very narrow, predetermined line of thought. The world is a much better place, with so much more potential than the mass media would have us believe.
            There are exceptions to this tho, and I look forward to more posts on Gabriel from you :~) Did you see him in ‘Ghost Ship?’ Such a good movie! Shows the illusory nature of the things we desire; the evil of greed, and it’s awful results.

            * I do like that ‘Listening = Learning’ graphic.
            So true. I don’t think our society allows for too much listening. It takes time and patience to listen, and those can be in short supply. Like you say, it takes effort.

            Overwhelmed by stuff? Of course! (How late is this reply?) We can but try though, can’t we…

  2. Stuff Jeff Reads November 10, 2013 at 2:10 PM #

    Great post, and thank you for the link to my blog post.

    • MYSOULSONICE November 11, 2013 at 8:40 AM #

      Thank you so much for the compliment but I cannot take credit.
      The brilliance of Gabriel and W.B. Yeats is responsible.
      Are you a fan/admirer of Gabriel Byrne?

      You are most welcome for the pingback/link to your blog.

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      Kindest Regards.


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