Reflection for today…Cinematic Experience -David Lynch

2 Feb

I have always admired David Lynch for his surrealist creative vision- like Salvador Dali on film.

His films always look beneath the surface for the hidden and darker aspects of life {as Carl Jung would call our “shadow” selves}.

He frequently explores the relationship between darkness and light in great depth.

He doesn’t limit his creative expression just to film as he is involved in music, photography, painting and even coffee production.

David Lynch is so married to his creativity and he attributes this to his mediation practice {however I will leave that for future posts}.

David Lynch: Master of Creativity & Brilliant Artist

David Lynch asserts that if you watch a film on your iPhone,

“You will never in a trillion years experience the film…you’ll be cheated…”

What do you think?

Do you agree with Mr.Lynch?

David Lynch: My Favourite Film Director Ever…


For more information on David Lynch,

please go to his official website:

Peace & Namaste…

11 Responses to “Reflection for today…Cinematic Experience -David Lynch”

  1. Slayer Muser February 3, 2013 at 1:53 AM #

    All technology is sad. Then again, without it, you wouldn’t have been able to share this post and its video, which I loved.

    Keep it real.

    • MYSOULSONICE February 5, 2013 at 5:33 AM #

      Slayer Muser…
      Thank you so much for reading and commenting.
      I loved your “keep it real” 😉

      Are you an admirer of David Lynch like myself?
      If so, what did you watch that made you fall in love with his work?
      I love surrealist art and dystopian/apocalyptic art.
      Lynch to me dives into the ocean of consciousness and offers a glimpse into darkness- what lurks beneath the surface.

      Twin Peaks is what made me fall in love with David Lynch.
      Now it is a life long love affair 😉
      I hope to post more David Lynch quotes in the future- especially about his book “Catching The Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity.”

      Why do you say that technology is sad?
      I can agree that there are sad aspects about it but then again we wouldn’t be able to communicate and that is worse.

      Peace Friend…

  2. Slayer Muser February 5, 2013 at 6:19 AM #

    Honestly I don’t know that much about David Lynch. I have watched and loved ‘The Elephant Man’, ‘Wild at Heart’ and ‘Mulholland Dr.’ I must re-watch them, and now, thanks to you, I am going to watch ‘Twin Peaks’ and ‘Blue Velvet’. Any others that are compulsory viewing?

    ‘Catching the Big Fish’ looks fascinating. Read it will be.

    Technology: computers, iPhones, Blackberry/ies, laptops, iPads, Kindles, etc. All have their uses, but the modern world makes us spend too much time and money on them. They take us away from Nature. What’s wrong with a mountain or a lake or a river or the sea? I think we learn more about ourselves in the latter. I guess it’s all a question of balance.


    • MYSOULSONICE February 5, 2013 at 6:18 PM #

      Slayer Muser…
      I have not seen the elephant man- yet.
      I heard it is disturbing but that does not scare me.
      It only intrigues me 😉

      Regarding David Lynch’s films and art…
      That is great that you are going to watch Twin Peaks 😉
      You have to tell me what you think about it.

      I hope to write about it because it made such a creative impact on me.
      You can also watch his latest film “Inland Empire” and see if you like it.

      *David Lynch also makes music and I will be incorporating it into my posts whenever relevant.
      I am not too sure about your musical tastes so I am not sure if you will like it.
      It is similar to his films- surrealist, dark, trippy, melancholic, reflective.
      I personally love it though 😉
      {Please confirm your musical tastes}.

      As for your critique of technology…I agree.
      It is so easy to be seduced by it.
      That is part of the reason why I don’t have facebook, twitter, etc.
      I only keep email and this humble blog.
      It is so easy to be distracted and disconnected from your spiritual core in this world.

      I agree that nature helps us reconnect with ourselves and our spirituality.
      The problem is if you live in a city and are not surrounded by much nature.
      If you don’t have money or a car to get away then you are where you are.

      I personally love the ocean- its dark, mercurial, timeless qualities.
      There is something about water which I find so spiritual and peaceful.
      I hope to write about it in the future.

      P.s. I wrote about how technology is disconnecting us from ourselves before.
      Here it is in case you missed it:

      {If this link doesn’t work then you can search for: Japan’s Suicide Forest Teaches About Compassion & The Human Need For Real Connection… in the search box on the top right hand corner}.

      I would love to hear your thoughts about it 😉


    • Slayer Muser May 10, 2013 at 7:46 AM #

      Watched ‘Blue Velvet’ while in Theologos.

      Loved it.


      1. Dennis Hopper is possibly the best swearer in movie history. I almost feel motivated to swear more now.

      2. Then-34-year-old Isabella Rossellini was stunning. Delicious mammary glands, thin waist / curvy hips and mouth-wateringly-womanly and well-grown Garden of Eden.

      3. Very re-watchable.

      • MYSOULSONICE May 16, 2013 at 5:49 AM #

        Slayer Muser…
        I am so happy to hear that you are watching David Lynch’s films.
        Blue Velvet is actually one of my least favourites to be honest.
        I loved the idea of the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of small town life- very Twin Peaks.
        “An idiosyncratic FBI Agent investigates the murder of a young woman in the even more idiosyncratic town of Twin Peaks.”
        Tagline: “A town where everyone knows everyone and nothing is what it seems.”

        Overall though I did not love Blue Velvet but I liked to watch it once.

        1. Dennis Hopper gave a great acting performance because I was so creeped out!
        It really was disturbing and this is coming from a horror film lover.

        As for the best swearer in television…
        I would say Susie Essman who plays Susie Greene {Jeff’s wife} on Curb Your Enthusiasm would definitely win.

        Copied & Pasted from IMDB…
        “Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Grand Opening (#3.10)” (2002)
        Cheryl David: [the orgy of cursing has broken out… , Cheryl, with her southern twang coming out] Ya Goddamn Motherfucking Bitch!
        Susie Greene: [Susie, misinterpreting Cheryl’s words for her… ]
        FUCK YOU You Car-Wash Cunt! I had a dental appointment!
        [leaves angrily]

        2. Isabella Rossellini was stunning in it.
        It seems that great minds think alike because she and David became a couple after filming Blue Velvet.

        3. I probably would not watch it again but that’s great that you love it 😉

        I am really excited to hear your thoughts and reflections on Twin Peaks.
        {I wonder if you will fall in love with Sherilyn Fenn/Audrey Horne}

        Maybe you will fall in love with the other ladies…

        or Sheryl Lee/Laura Palmer…

        Perhaps you can even do some blog posts on Twin Peaks?
        Watching Twin Peaks is the first time that I fell in love with David Lynch’s creative and artistic surrealism.

        I haven’t looked back and probably won’t…

        Twin Peaks actually got a 9/10 from the internet movie database rating.
        That is rare.

        I forgot to mention that David Lynch himself has a small role in Twin Peaks.

        So does our friend David Duchovny 😉

        and David Bowie has a cameo.
        Other people are in it…Heather Graham, etc.

        After you finish watching Twin Peaks, try watching Fire Walk With Me because it is the prequel.
        Fire Walk With Me


        • Slayer Muser May 17, 2013 at 4:27 AM #

          1. Poetry from Susie Essman. Love it. Will deffo watch “CYE” properly one day.

          2. “become” –> “becAme”. And IR, topless, was MILFicious in “Death Becomes Her”. Great rack still aged 40..

          3. Will I fall in love with Sherilyn Fenn/Audrey Horne? Already have. She is ridiculously, inSANEly beautiful and sexy. Does she have nice twin peaks too?

          Disturbing pic of DD! Will watch “TP” nevertheless.

          • MYSOULSONICE May 29, 2013 at 7:45 AM #

            1. You will ADORE Sussie Essman on Curb Your Enthusiasm.
            She is the queen of swearing.
            I think she could take on Dennis Hopper {in Blue Velvet}.

            2. I have not seen Isabella Rossellini in many films but she was in a film called Siesta with my beloved Gabriel Byrne.

            In this film, he met and fell in love with his future wife Ellen Barkin.

            3. Sherilyn Fenn is one of my favourite people.

            She is quite soulful, intelligent and compassionate.

            *Her favourite poet is Rumi 😉

            I actually had a happy birthday Sherilyn Fenn post but I didn’t finish it so I didn’t end up posting it 😦

            Perhaps next year…

            4. David Duchovny is a transvetite FBI agent on Twin Peaks.

            Hilarious isn’t it?
            I think Twin Peaks gave him a break in his career.
            He must laugh at the character now but probably is secretly grateful for the role so that he could get exposure.

            • Slayer Muser June 10, 2013 at 7:51 AM #

              2. “Siesta: The time of day when mystery and eroticism become one.” Cool! I’m intrigued. EB looks nice, but her eyes are quite far apart.

              3. SF is great. Still very beautiful.

              4. DD as T/V for FBI on TP? Worrying. (I don’t think any of them care how they got to the top, as it were, so long as they didn’t pick up any terminal STDs.)


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